Time and Place:  Tuesday, June 15th, 19.30-21.30 (doors are open at 19.00). Pnyx, Achter Sint Pieter 25, Utrecht. Organized by: The Common seminar, Kritische Studenten Utrecht
In January 2010 we organized three seminars about knowledge, how to make it more attractive and living. Those seminars have been followed up by tutorials in which the participating students developed some of the ideas mentioned in the seminars before. On June 15th we want to present the results of the tutorials in public.deel dit via facebook
Seminars and tutorials were meant to realize a bit more of freedom and space to develop and test our own ideas. However, we did not want our work to be completely marginal. On the contrary, we wanted it to be a viable alternative to the official curriculum that, we felt, is deteriorating more and more; deteriorating in terms of quality and social atmosphere. So we have organized the tutorials such that credit points could be obtained.

On June 15th we want to present the results of the tutorials in public. They will be about how to construct knowledge in a more stimulating and attractive way. Four students will – stimulated by their reading of Spinoza- briefly present their tutorial products. Teacher of the tutorial, Fabiola Jara Gomez (UU), will give a preface to this with a talk about respectively ‘Why is it so difficult to organize academic education in an attractive way’ and ‘What can be done for improvement.’

After the fore mentioned talks we will invite everyone to participate freely in a sort of teach in – were we teach ourselves – about anything that needs to be discussed in the context of the present university and its crisis.

Time and Place:
Tuesday, June 15th, 19.30-21.30 (doors are open at 19.00)
Pnyx, Achter Sint Pieter 25, Utrecht
Organized by: The Common seminar, Kritische Studenten Utrecht