Thursday 8 Dec, 19.30 | Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht | Free entrance

Screening of the award winning documentary with the presence of the director Nicolas Défossé.

19:30 Documentary Viva Mexico!
21:30 Q & A with Nicolas Défossé about the documentary and the social movement in Mexico.

Viva Mexico! | 120 min. | Mexico | 2010

SYNOPSIS: It is January 1st, 2006; thousands of indigenous Zapatistas in Chiapas, Southern Mexico prepare to say farewell to their spokesman Subcomandante Marcos. His mission: to travel across the country for the next six months to learn from the resistance of Mexican men and women who fight for a better Mexico. This challenge is not without risks… by irrigating the seeds of rebellion and solidarity of an entire country, this journey is a provocation against those who control the country’s economy and it’s image. How will those in power respond?

Be there and win (or buy) a Zapata T-shirt! Proceeds go to Oaxaca, Mexico.

AWARDS: ¡Viva México! has received numerous awards, among them the ‘Salvador Allende’ Award for best documentary from the Latin American Film Festival of Brussels, Belgium; the Audience Award for best independent documentary at the Latin American Film Festival in Bordeaux, France; the Audience Award for Best Documentary from the International Human Rights Film Festival in Sucre, Bolivia; and the Audience Award for best documentary at the Film Festival of Tepoztlan, Mexico.
DIRECTOR: Nicolas Défossé is a French filmmaker who lives in Chiapas. Among his films are La Hierbabuena and Breaking the Siege (with Mario Viveros).

– Presented by Kritische Studenten Utrecht in collaboration with Noticias.




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