Thursday 9th of February, 19.30 in de Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht

Crises come to a head all over the world when we talk about global economic, environmental and social circumstances. But what are our possibilities as an individual to act? Where can we find the causes and how to come up with solutions? Activism is one way to create new and reinforce existing infirmities in our present-day society in order to change it.

‘Just Do It’ shows us how climate activists in England give their own meaning to activism, as the movie follows these activists blockading factories and attacking coal power stations. We get access to the world of environmental direct action in this story of people standing up for what they believe in and making themselves heard. (meer…)

KSU Presenteert Basta! Film - Bread and Roses van Ken Loach

KSU Presenteert Basta! Film - Bread and Roses van Ken Loach

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Door heel het land vinden momenteel stakingen plaats door schoonmakers. Vanaf 5 Januari worden veel kantoren, universiteits- en hogeschoolgebouwen en banken niet meer schoongemaakt worden. Naar aanleiding van deze acties presenteert Basta! i.s.m de Anarcho-Syndicalistische Bond deze film over schoonmakers, vaak vrouwelijke immigranten, in Los Angeles en hun strijd voor betere leefomstandigheden en het recht zich te organiseren. Een inspirerende film over wat arbeiders kunnen bereiken als ze de handen ineen slaan en opkomen voor hun eigen belangen.

Achteraf zal een discussie plaatsvinden met Bob Wester – ex-organiser in de FNV (schoonmakers) + Doorbraak.

Volgende week: Do. 19 Jan – Basta! info/debat-avond: Schoonmakersstrijd – wegen tot de overwinning

Thursday 8 Dec, 19.30 | Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht | Free entrance.
Screening of the award winning documentary with the presence of director Nicolas Défossé: Viva Mexico! | 120 min. | Mexico | 2010

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The struggle for public education in Chile has revived recently. In the streets the slogan is chanted: “Y va caer, y va caer, la educacion the Pinochet!” (the education of Pinochet will fall!). Why do people still refer to the former dictator who left office in 1990? What are the students demanding and who is fighting the battle for education? In October we dedicate two nights to these questions. Scroll down for more info. Free entrance as always, at the Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht.

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Info-evening on the situation of and in Greece, with Greek speakers, a showing of the documentary “Debtocracy” and open discussion afterwards.

When: Wednesday June 8th, 19:00
Bookshop ‘de Rooie Rat’, Oudegracht 65, Utrecht
Who: Griekenland is Overal

Lees ook hier en hier meer over de volksopstand in in Griekenland.

Inside Job (2010)

Inside Job (2010)

“The Film That Cost over $ to Make”

De wereldwijde financiële crisis heeft meer dan 20 biljoen dollar gekost en resulteerde in miljoenen mensen die hun baan en huis verloren. Met oog op de naderende 1 mei, Dag van de Arbeid, zal Basta! donderdag 28 april de documentaire ‘Inside Job’ vertonen. Deze film demystificeert de complexe mechanismen die leidden tot het verlies van miljoenen banen en huizen tijdens de recente financiële crisis.


Occupy, take over. But what then?

Students of the University of Zagreb (Croatia) will present their struggle and actions. Croatian students have been fighting since 2008 for free publicly financed higher education on all levels . During this struggle they have organized two large scale occupations in more than twenty faculties and universities, many protest actions and other activities. We will be showing films and have an open discussion:

  • How were these occupations organized?
  • What were their goals?
  • Why did they decide to organise in a direct democratic way without leaders?

We have invited two Croatian guest speaker from this movement to tell us more.

Monday, November 1st 19:30
Boekhandel Rooie Rat
Oudegracht 65, Utrecht
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This Croatian student organisation is based on non-hierarchical and direct democratic organisation. The students’ actions are not just concerned with higher education, they also support workers’ strikes and protests and try to spread ideas of direct democracy and self-management in all sectors of society. They have become one of the principle opponents of neoliberalism in Croatia as well as one of the leading forces for social change.

Here you can find some background articles on what happened during the Zagreb University occupations: article on the five-week occupation, an article in the journal Radical Philosophy.

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